Buckeye Fire manufactures a complete line of agents and hardware that when used together, provide an unbeatable fire-fighting combination that maximizes performance. The selection includes bladder tanks, balanced pressure pump skid units, eductors, monitors, foam chambers, foam makers, high expansion foam generators, foam carts and handline nozzles. Many of the components can be customized to provide optimal protection for your unique situation.

All system components are precision made from rugged materials to provide years of dependable service.

Buckeye foam concentrates are free of PFOS and PFOA and will effectively extinguish Class B fuel fires. Buckeye foam concentrates provide rapid extinguishment and excellent burn back resistance and have been tested and approved for use with fresh, salt or brackish water.  

Buckeye foam concentrates comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Stewardship Program – 2015 Requirements.

Buckeye AFFF foam concentrates are intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires and are available in 1%, 3% and 6% concentrations. Buckeye polar solvent foam concentrates are highly effective on Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires and are available as 3×3%, and 3×6% concentrates.  

Buckeye foam concentrates can be used in both aspirating and non-air aspirating discharge devices including automatic sprinklers, spray nozzles, and foam makers, and can also be used as a premix solution.  Buckeye foam concentrates are compatible with most dry powder agents.

Every concentrate we manufacture is subjected to rigorous quality control standards and comprehensive testing to ensure complete reliability and maximum firefighting performance.